Virtual Reality (VR) & 360 tours

Virtual Reality is one of the most effective tools to visualise and truly experience architectural environments

360 degree panoramic views – or Pano360 – enhance location understanding and improve marketing through visualisation. They offer interactivity and completeness and allow for a complete and immersive experience of a 3D model.

eye-kon’s Pano360 views can be embedded in marketing websites (see example here) or viewed standalone on hand-held devices, or enhanced with stereoscopic view through a VR-headset.
Virtual Reality (VR) is the natural next step for 3D imaging, adding stereoscopic features to existing dynamic Pano360 visuals and offering unprecedented benefits for architectural marketing. The latest software and hardware releases have made VR technology extremely accessible, opening infinite possibilities for architecture visualisation through largely affordable tools.
eye-kon produces VR 360 imagery for both external and internal views, for both residential and commercial projects.
We recommend using the latest Samsung Galaxy S6 in combo with the Samsung Gear VR Lite.